About us + Qui nous sommes


“Babel no expresa el temor al Otro sino la multiplicidad de Otros, la riqueza y los problemas que implica reconocer la diversidad de nuestros lenguajes y nuestras culturas.”

Alberto Manguel

We, the Babel editorial team, are members of the staff working at the Self Access Center at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

The idea behind this project was strongly impelled by our passion for languages and Humanities, and a strong desire to be able to combine both in a fresh, collaborative and full of Humanistic identity material which can respond to the interests and needs of our community. Needless to say that all the contributions and creative initiatives from our readers are more than welcome!

Bruno Mendoza, Denisse Salgado Web Editors

Claudia Garciamoreno Ávila. Editor- in- Chief and  Self Access Center Coordinator