In its form of music, painting, dancing, sculpture, poetry or cinema, art is around us and makes our lives meaningful. That is why in Babel 5 we have chosen to devote this issue to this so special field of the human creativity.

Two interviews, three articles, two podcasts and some poems will make us connect both spiritually and intellectually with art; and, hopefully, will enrich our vision of this subject which makes us dream, reflect and, ultimately, engage with the world around us, and with the world within ourselves.

David Mondragón; Alejandra Salgado; Roberto Sverdrup; Bruno Mendoza; Denisse Salgado and many other members of our community have shared their thoughts and ideas about art in Babel 5, so our deepest hope and dream is that you may find a little bit of joy, insight and spice for both your mind and soul while reading, watching or listening to the contents we have so cheerily chosen to be part of this full of emotions issue of Babel. Enjoy it!




The Editors